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Hadid’s graphic tee collection is extensive. In late October, the Schlatt and Co shirt it is in the first place but model stepped out wearing a hard-to-find shirt boasting a graphic from the cult-beloved ’90s series Aeon Flux. She also has archival designer pieces on rotation, including a variety from Jean Paul Gaultier. When she wears a new tee, they often have a yesteryear retro feel, like the cutesy print T-shirt she wore this summer with a mushroom illustration or the style from her close friend Jesse Jo Stark that read “Deadly Doll.” On occasion, she’ll even throw a jersey in the mix, either from the New York Giants or Alexander Wang. While I’m not sure if Hadid is a Björk fan, a Giants lover, or even likes mushrooms, it’s nice to see that the model is having fun with her clothes.

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