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Great shirt, size and quality are good. Dissapointed I did not get any tracking information with it and I was afraid they forgot about it...took 3 weeks to receive product.

you did not send me a shirt




It took A VERY LONG TIME, but I finally got them.

My order took several weeks, but they look pretty nice.


Thank you those shirts are just as expected and sized correctly too

It's so soft and comfy! Plus Schlatt is my favorite white boi lol

Mamba Sports Academy
Tewodros Abraha

The Logo is slanted a bit but everything else is nice

Love the message

I loved the message and have already had complements on it, but the mask itself is pretty flimsy. I had to sew a nose piece into it so it doesn’t roll down.

Mask quality.

The mask does looks good but is so very flimsy like nothing at all but the wife still likes it!

face mask

it fits perfectl

Great quality and service.

Mask material

Inside layer should be cotton

I want to like it more

I wish I like the shirt more. I could. 1st and foremost, I hate the type of shirt. It's a heavy cotton shirt. If that was in the description I missed it or didn't know what it meant. The reason I do now is the brand is the exact same brand as one of my favorite t's, except it is a soft feel type vs the heavy cotton. The label on both have these descriptions. It's not just the feel, the fit of the 2 shirts is different. Both are large. If 8 had the option I would get this shirt in the soft feel and would gladly pay more for the option but I didn't see it. Secondly, the image is really good. Just probably won't wear it much, which is a shame. Give the soft feel option for the same brand shirt. Winner.

Drunk Tom Brady
Aziz Mallik

Drunk Tom Brady

No stars.

I have received no updates or notifications so I have no idea where my shirt is. Horrible service and I will never use you again. Complete ripoff. Take my money and no shirt??? You are fucking con artists. I have made sure via social media to let my contacts know to never do business with you scam artists.

Great shirt

Love the shirt but I washed it one time and all the ink stuck together. My maid must've had my setting to hot water. Ugh. Still love the shirt tho

Schlatt And Co Shirt
Harry Gambrill
I like the title but haven't reserved it yet so

I have not yet received it as i line in the uk but i probably will like it


soft and great quality

A lot thinner material than I thought. I still love it and later it with a mask underneath. I get compliments on it.


Love the shirt and Mickey Mouse


This face mask is absolutely adorable. It was a gift for my sister who loves the Beatles and I love Snoopy and the gang. She sent a picture with it on. So cute!

Schlatt And Co Shirt
Maddox Newell
Jaylor Schwiftt Hoodie

This hoodie shipped in about a week, is super comfortable and looks and fits nice! I’m glad to be able to rep the goat man in my day to day life

Snotty Nose Face Mask
Kenneth Mintz
Making Snot Great Again

Absolutely the best at grossing out the human female!